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About Us

Olive World is a part of Evershine Appliances, a 20 year old company, set up in the year 1998. It has 5 manufacturing units across expanding over 27120 square meters of land, where almost 150 type of products are manufactured. Almost 1030 employees are presently working with Evershine.

Olive World is a renowned manufacturer of kitchen accessories, interior hardware fittings, wardrobe accessories, SS railing systems and vetroline aluminum systems. We have been in the industry for quite some time and our Olive range of products are turning out to be quite popular in the market. We believe in striking the right balance between beauty and utility. Therefore, the products manufactured by Olive are not only alluring, but they also serve the purpose they have been bought for. Our Olive range of products are mostly made using the super solid stainless steel as it looks aesthetically appealing.

To make high-end products, company needs to have a highly advanced infrastructure and manufacturing set up. Olive World has a cutting-edge infrastructure and machinery, therefore, the company is making topnotch products. Additionally, the people working in the manufacturing unites and Olive World’s offices are highly skilled and experienced. Being an ISO 9001 2015 certified company, we make sure that we adopt the best practices.

Olive World’s products are manufactured using the best quality stainless steel finishing. Nickel Chromium Plating is done to boost the shine and durability of the products. Each and every product is tastefully designed after a lot of research work as Olive believes in only delivering high quality products to the market. Also, we have adopted appropriate quality control measures and the products go through rigorous quality checks before going to the market.

Presently, Olive World is represented by almost 46 distributors and more than 2000 dealers across India. In fact, we have been exporting our products to various countries like Spain, Dubai, Japan, Africa, Australia, Oman, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea etc.

Olive World has now started conceptualizing its very own product galleries to showcase a wide range of products. Hence, if you want to enhance the appeal of your home with the elegant and glimmer accessories, then it’s time to get home the products manufactured by Olive World. The company has been impressing the audience since 20 years and we continue to do so in the coming years. We have evolved over the period of time and out designs and products will evolve further to meet the changing needs of the audience.