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Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a world renowned leader of kitchen accessories, interior hardware fittings, vetroline aluminum & SS railings. We aim to manufacture only topnotch products using the best raw material. Currently, we are present in some parts of the world however, we wish to spread our wings throughout the world.

We aim to establish a stronger bond with the customers and expand our network. We believe, that the only way to grow is by constantly understanding the changing needs of the customers are working in the right direction to fulfill the demands.



Olive World is already on the path of realizing our vision. We are continuously expanding and reaching out to more countries. The cost-effectiveness and high quality of our products are two key attributes that make our products the top choice of the industry.

Here’s what our mission looks like:

  • Continuously evolving our product range and manufacturing techniques to make advanced level products

  • Upgrading our factories with the cutting-edge machinery and techniques

  • Expanding our reach in the market

  • Reaching out to the global audience

  • Solidifying our ties with our dealers and suppliers

  • Enhance the quality of life in the kitchen

  • Enrich the standards of both artistic and functional aspects of the kitchen